All the news from the St Barths Bucket Regatta

A Nailbiter Finish for the 2014 St. Barths Bucket

Finishes at The Bucket were extra close today and decided some class wins by mere seconds. The third and final day of racing of the three-day series presented winds that again enabled a quick pace around the race course, this time in a “wrong way” (clockwise direction) around the island that measured 24.5 nautical miles for the Gazelle and Elegante classes and 21 for the Grande Dames and Mademoiselles. [Read more…]

Nothing “La-Dee-Dah” About This – Day Two 2014 St Barths Bucket

This morning, dockside at The St Barths Bucket, it sounded rather funny for sailors to be talking about a “Not So Wiggley Course” with such reverence, but when the day was done and a second of three races had entered the 2014 regatta history books, it was quite clear why.

Mademoiselle, Elegante and Gazelle classes took on the long version (27.1 nm) of the course, which started on the west side of St. Barths and wound its way around smaller islands and rocks to the north, while the Grande Dames sailed the shorter version (22 nm) in winds that were a few knots less than yesterday’s yet just as feisty. The “not so” in the course description was obviously tongue-in-cheek, as the 38 superyachts -ranging in size from 27.5m/88′ to 66.7m/216′-zigged and zagged more than the usual number of times while crews executed numerous sail changes as well as spinnaker hoists and takedowns, alternately winding their charges up to gain advantage, then dialing them down to safely share close quarters at rounding marks with their magnificently sized competitors. [Read more…]

Superyachts strut their beautiful stuff in St Barths Bucket


Tied up Med style at the docks in Gustavia Harbor this morning, 17 of 38 St Barths Bucket superyachts lurched and listed in the northern swell, straining their aft dock lines and looking not unlike wild horses wanting to be freed from their restraints. It took well more than an hour for the lot to leave, one by one and in planned order but only after divers had cleared their bow anchors, allowing them to join the balance of the fleet (freed from moorings in the outer harbor) on the Caribbean Sea for a 20-some-odd-mile race around the island of St. Barths. [Read more…]

2014 St Barths Bucket News

The entries are in for the 2014 edition of the St Barths Bucket Regatta and there is a great fleet heading to the beautiful island of St Barthélemy. Thirty-eight of the world’s largest sailing superyachts will gather in Gustavia for three days of great trade wind sailing, wholesome competition, shore side camaraderie and shenanigans St Barths style.  [Read more…]

St Barths Bucket – A Day for Testing Teamwork

St Barths Bucket 2013 Photograph © 2013 by Pila Pexton

“Main-mast staysail up. Do not unfurl. Raise your hands if you hear me.” Captain Tony Brookes calmly called his instructions into a hand-held from one of his dual on-deck navigation stations near the aft quarter of Athos, the 62 meter Hoek-designed Holland Jachtbouw that he commands. His crew with headsets faithfully obeyed, shooting their hands in the air before quickly jumping into action. So went the day that started with pouring rain and segued into one of the windiest here yet, taking the wind gauge to 28 knots and Athos to speeds as high as 15.8. [Read more…]