Summer Sailing Camps in the Caribbean

An aerial view of the British Virgin Islands, a popular sailing camp destination

Summer sailing camps give young people a hand-on, interactive experience of sailing and other water sports. It also gives them a chance to make new friends with a similar interest. It is ideal for most young people 12+ as students must have the maturity to live away from home in a Caribbean country. They will not only experience sailing, but world travel and a new culture which provides for a wonderful but overwhelming experience.

Sail Caribbean has been offering camps in the British Virgin Islands for the last thirty years.“We accept students from 11 to 22-years-old and have designed some adventures for specific age groups and areas of focus. Examples are our cultural exchange Tango trip for 11 to 13-year-olds, where campers work with other kids from Tortola’s Youth Empowerment Project on environmental initiatives, and our Echo leadership program for college students, where participants plan and navigate their own voyages aboard a 50ft monohull sailboat learning skills such as coastal and offshore navigation, passage-making, anchoring/docking, boat systems, and safety at sea in the process,” says Mike Liese, founder and director of Sail Caribbean.

Sailing campers learn what it is like to be part of a sailing crew and learn more much than sailing – they even take part in cooking and cleaning activities onboard. The estimated cost of summer sailing camps range from $3,000 for 14-days to over $5,000 per camper for 21-days.

Visit the Sail Caribbean website for more information.