Grins All Round As First Yachts Finish

Phaedo’s Lloyd Thornburg invites Peter Aschenbrenner to enjoy a celebratory glass of champagne on board to toast the 63ft trimaran, Paradox as winners of the Multihull Class – Credit: Ocean Images/Team Phaedo

By: Louay Habib

Mike Slade’s crew on ICAP Leopard were enjoying a cold beer in the Antigua Yacht Club today and Leopard’s owner, Mike Slade, was really enjoying winding down after a tough race in which ICAP Leopard took Line Honours for the second time: “That was definitely the toughest of the three races I have done, but I absolutely love this race; the course, the weather and the welcome we receive back in Antigua is just the best, anywhere. The RORC Caribbean is one of the premier yacht races worldwide and ICAP Leopard will definitely be back next year.” [Read more…]

The Sleigh Ride Continues: Day Two Race Update

Close racing during the first night as the two majestic schooners Adela and Athos were virtually ‘side by side’ – Credit: RORC/Tim Wright/

By: Louay Habib

On the first night, there was virtually no let up in the phenomenal pace for the yachts competing in the RORC Caribbean 600. Warm Trade Winds gusting up to 28 knots was the norm. Downwind under spinnaker, the broad reach to the magical island of St.Kitts was spectacular as Andreas Hanakamp on board Class40, Vaquita, explained by satellite phone: [Read more…]

Greased Lightning: 1700 Race Report

Peter Aschenbrenner’s 63ft trimaran, Paradox

By Louay Habib

At 1700 local time, Peter Aschenbrenner’s American trimaran, Paradox and Mike Slade’s British Maxi, ICAP Leopard were both averaging a ballistic 18 knots covering the first 100 miles of the course in an astonishing seven and a half hours.

Paradox is eating up the miles, after literally getting airborne in the upwind leg after the start. Paradox pulled the trigger on the windward side of Antigua, flashing through the Atlantic swell like a scalded cat. By 1700 local time, Paradox had passed Nevis and blasting to leeward of St.Kitts, still achieving over 20 knots of boat speed. Lloyd Thornburg’s Gunboat 66 Phaedo, nearly twice the weight of Paradox, was being pushed hard by Britain’s Brian Thompson on the helm of Phaedo. Paradox was only 12 miles astern giving the Lamborghini Orange Gunboat the class lead on corrected. Sadly Austin Hearst’s Gunboat 66, Slim has been forced to retire after rudder damage. [Read more…]

Blast off! RORC Caribbean 600

Start of IRC Zero and Canting Keel RORC Caribbean 600 – Credit: Tim Wright/

Race Report By: Louay Habib


A flash of smoke, high above the ‘Pillars of Hercules’ announced the start of the 5th edition of the RORC Caribbean 600. Before the start 25 knots of trade winds, gusting close to 30, provided feisty conditions. 53 yachts blasted into action, crashing to windward through the surf in the starting area. The international fleet, with crews from 31 nations, set off for the 600-mile race threading through 11 stunning Caribbean islands and the forecast strong winds promises a wild and memorable ride. [Read more…]

Another Record Broken – 30 entries by end of year

The RORC Caribbean 600 continues to defy the financial crisis with a record fleet expected on the start line when the fifth edition of the RORC Caribbean 600 kicks off on February 18th 2013. With the northern hemisphere in the grip of winter, racing 600 miles around 11 Caribbean islands in warm trade winds and surfing in ocean swell is proving to be very appealing. [Read more…]