St Barths Bucket approaches; Maltese Falcon largest entry

88m Perini Navi Maltese Falcon cruises down Sir Francis Drake Channel, British Virgin Islands

The 2013 St Barths Bucket Regatta action starts on March 28. This annual yachting spectacular will feature the latest in superyacht designs along with true classics. Thirty-five yachts are ready to join the festivities and racing.  Racing begins on Thursday March 28 when five J Class yachts head for the starting line. This will be the first gathering of five or more Js since 1937!

Three more races are planned, with all yachts racing in four separate classes -Les Mademoiselles des Mers, Les Grandes Dames des Mers, Les Gazelles des Mers, and the J Class. [Read more…]

Dates confirmed for 2013 Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous

YCCS docks at the 2012 Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous

Boat International Media and Yacht Club Costa Smeralda have confirmed that the third edition of the Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous will take place March 20 – 23, 2013 at the YCCS Virgin Gorda.

Racing conditions in the idyllic British Virgin Islands are some of the very best in the world and the event is fast becoming an important fixture on the Caribbean superyacht racing circuit, conveniently scheduled just prior to the St Barths Bucket.

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Merci Buckets!

By Norma Trease

As The Bard said “parting is such sweet sorrow”, and that is exactly the way everyone feels at the end of another fantastic edition of the Saint Barths Bucket. With every hug, every single-double-triple goodbye kiss, every sincere “I love you” a piece of your heart leaves with each friend and sailing companion who departs for their home ports by plane, ferry – or indeed by yacht. Yet we all know that in this world, we will all meet again, whether in another country, surely another regatta, boat show, wedding, or quay encounter in another port town. ‘Tis the nature of our biz! The upshot is that we carry with us, one and all, amazing memories of another Bucket, bigger and better than ever.

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What a Difference a Day Makes!

Photograph by Ken Bracewell

By Norma Trease

Race Day Two provided another day of superlatives at the Saint Barths Bucket. In a sharp contrast to yesterdays’ wash out, Saturday dawned hot and sunny, with but a few dark clouds to remind us all what we weren’t missing. “Today might be one of the epic Bucket Races of all time” exclaimed Bucket Founder and Antara guest helmsman Capt. Ian “Crash” Craddock. Truer words have never been spoken! By now, after a few days of working and partying hard, everyone is feeling a little tired, but judging from the huge crowd, and extremely happy faces at the Bucket Bash BBQ, the sheer thrill of viewing and participating in such a phenomenal race kept spirits way up. Or was that the endlessly flowing spirits keeping spirits going? Either way, there was a lot of celebrating on. [Read more…]

Nature’s Deck Wash

By Norma Trease

My mother used to say “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The Saint Barths Bucket version of this was heard at the end of today’s very rainy race from Rebecca’s helmsman saying  “well, at least we don’t have to wash down – or chamois!” The other upside of this unseasonable – even cold – rain falling in buckets all day was that it brought wind. Albeit the gusty, the fluky, variable winds we saw proved as much a challenge as an asset. So Day One of the Saint Barths Bucket proved to be very interesting indeed, a dramatic start to an always fascinating racing spectacle. [Read more…]